Pim Claridge

Life in the Scottish Borders, one stanza at a time

God's Window

In the wind the quilts had flapped upon the loop of line
and colours glowed as if songs were stitched in every flower, bird
or tree as they waited to be sold...
the mountains faded blue on blue into the
shining distance and the wind blew warm with summer..
the rocky path was steep and along the edge the stags moss grew
as it does at home in scottish hills, and higher still the flowers
grew brighter and a scent of herbs prevailed...
then a gap between the rocks and a rail on which to lean
and catch your breath, and then you see it, stretched
beyond the cliffs, forests and more forests..the wonder
of the space, the hugeness and the silence
hit every sense and nerve I had....
I looked down to the distant valley floor,
then up to the haze of the blue edged hills,
and heard the waterfall drop
psalms to the churning pool below..
and knew that this was indeed
God's Window
and his Kingdom,
had come...