Pim Claridge

Life in the Scottish Borders, one stanza at a time

Wild Goodbye

out of a rainwashed sky they swept in seconds
with a shivering blast of oil and power,
painting a heart of sweetheart pink
to hang above musical rides, and hotdog stands.
air artistry born of the joy of flight
causes thoughts to soar, seek, and dream,
follow the loops, lifts and flips,
that leave smoke, and tang,
and a catch in your throat,
wing to wing, slick precision.
steep climb, curl... and hang before the drop,
breathless, I wait for the shudder of power as they pass
on an edge of skimming, glittering wing
red against a now, blue-sweetened sky
and my heart stills, waiting...
your engine sings as you climb again
and the red, the blue, and white smoke trails
fall over fields of ripening corn
as you hang, motionless
between your world, and mine,
then the final pass, a glorious thundering roar of joy
ripping through soft summer sky
as my heart cries
wild goodbye...