Pim Claridge

Life in the Scottish Borders, one stanza at a time

Teach Me

teach me to hear mermaids singing
above the keening seas
as misting crests fall sobbing
on the sands!

and let me hear them singing
as night wraps silent fields
where water lies, and geese gather
to greet another day.

the mermaid voices rise, and fall
to meet echoes in a sleeping church
where candles flicker on fretted stone
as wax drops.

I listen for their songs as sea kelp swings
in the long high twine of tide,
painting cliffs with honeyed song
in sweetened wind.

let me scribble ribboned notes for them
to stitch, to sew in seams,
to bind with dreams,
to chase the bleakest thoughts away
that I may sleep...

now, I hear the ragged suck of surf on rocks
soften, as the mermaid songs
reach those silvered constellations,
in velvet sky...

oh teach me...
teach me to hear mermaids singing!