Pim Claridge

Life in the Scottish Borders, one stanza at a time

East West

In the hurly-burly-hubub of his hot Malaysian town,
where the heat is sapping energy from city-weary souls
its too hot,and too humid,and too crowded and too busy
as the battered tins of beggars slowly fill.
the trees are laced with lights and chinese-chatter-babble rises
as the evening call to prayer flutters, fluting-high, and sweet
above the hurly-burly-hubub of that hot Malaysian town!
while here in the maelstrom of frantic Christmas shopping
overheated, overladen shoppers push and shove and spend
until they are exhausted and just longing to go home,
and the caps lying on the pavement slowly fill.
outside it is freezing and breath freezes in my throat
and then I see the castle, black against the star-laced sky
and wonder, if he remembers, how it used to be,
in these old streets so familiar, our home, and me?
memories came flooding, and suddenly I’m warm, and comforted
in this historic, grand and beautiful, but freezing Scottish town!