Pim Claridge

Life in the Scottish Borders, one stanza at a time

Oh Keep The Moon!

keep, oh keep the moon and every silvered star
on that ink black, arch of sky

keep, oh keep the sobs of sea
and every wave that breaks on shore

keep polar bears peru puffins plains and plants....
winds water words wonder, and woods

and keep cats cathedrals carrots choirs, and christmas!


keep, oh keep red drifting sands on shifting deserts
and pale damp dawns and mango sunsets

keep, oh keep rocks ravines rivers and rabbits
music memories moths, and movement

keep trees trains tricycles trust and touch
songs silk snow shade, and shining

and keep mountains moats mayflies muffins, and marble!


keep, oh keep high tides sweeping a white coral beach
on an island set in the sway of sea

keep, oh keep books silence and deep armchairs
and space at a window to dream

keep pansies parrots pots and paintings
darkness daisies dapple, and dimity

and clouds, coral, cream, cobbles, cakes, chocolate, and coffee!